The challenge of walking with the God who knows me  

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Names changed throughout except in some cases where the person involved has been or is in ministry.

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If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17

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Leave Work

Invited to join the Navigators.

Trust for money

Call of God

The Lord's call to ministry unexpected twists

Significance of a call

Finances for Servant

God promises to provide with a twist

Surrender all

Bottle of Sweets

A surprising answer to prayer

God's generosity

Approach to Bible

Different approaches to Bible.

Diverse spirituality

Mystery of Creation

New understanding of the timing of creation

Christian culture or Bible

The Mission

Prioritise activity or seeking God?

Priority of Prayer

Finance the squeeze

First challenge to trusting God for finances

Wait on God

Law and Grace

Learning I cannot control people.

Care for young believers

Burden of Ministry

The slavery of trying to be fruitful in ministry

Freedom in Christ

Family Time

Being unavailable to guard family time



Finding respite without selfishness



What does it mean - my hope is Jesus

Rest in ministry

Let Go Time

Changing priorities in order to serve

Guidance & Hope


Significance in Jesuse when not valued

Spiritual Leadership

The Model

The discovery of a model for secular thinking


Confess thoughts

Confession overcomes thoughts


Gifts & Grace

Gifts not to be confused with Grace


Cuddly Bear

The loss of what is precious softens heart.

Need for God


Activities become a barrier to intimacy.

Focus on Jesus


Asked by God to look after lost students

Spiritual Leadership

Sheep Given

Ministry is God given, so no pressure

Spitiual Leadership

Wayward Sheep

Looking after the lost ones

Value of people

Leaders inConflict

What wisdom is behind conflict


In Conflict

Learning humility in a conflict

Conflict resolution


Reconciliation with God is first in conflict

Conflict resolution

No Converts

Why no fruitfulness

Everyone has a view


Realisation of false focus of ministry

Methods or Jesus

It's Jesus

Change of emphasis to focus on Jesus

Fruit of Jesus

Poor in Spirit

Feeling inadequate a good place.



It is the simple who can receive from God


This section covers a time between leaving work on transoceanic telephone cables and working with the Navigators in student ministry in Southampton.  This was a time of new challenges to faith.  Full time ministry always creates an intensity in both life and ministry that throws one upon God in ways that are a bit of a surprise.

Photos - Derek with oldest kids, A meal at the start of a ministry night, Eva with two girls, The Southampton Ministry,  Family after our daughter’s birth,  Southampton ministry - early stage, Family shot, Ministry night - later stage.