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If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17

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Evolution / Creation Debate

Proverbs 30:6

 “Do not add to my word or I will rebuke you and prove you a liar”

Knowledge has limits.  Knowing those limits can be really important in understanding when I can go forwards in my thinking or when it is best to just stop and admit that I can go no further.  Maybe in the future the Lord will reveal something that will enable me to go forwards,  but not at this time.

This understanding came through my thoughts on the Evolution / Creation debate.  I had come to a place of believing that the Lord could speak in a sort of prophetic sense through Moses back to the creation of the world to reveal from his perspective how he had done it.  From this perspective I then looked on with new eyes at those debating the question of How was the world created?

My time working as an Engineer further developed my thinking.  I was running some experiments on a mechanical slide.  My boss in his experience saw an anomaly in my results and asked me to take ten readings between the places where the anomaly showed.  Immediately a whole new factor became exposed that I had completely missed, and indeed had never been taught about!  I had taken the anomaly as a spurious result of no consequence.  My boss in his experience knew better.  However, I would never have found this new factor if I could not have gone back to the slide, reproduced the experiment, and then repeated it with slightly changed parameters in order to extend and illuminate this factor.  This reaffirmed to me the scientific maxim that one can only talk scientifically about that on which repeatable experiments can be performed.

The whole realm of what happened at the creation is beyond repeatable experiment and so cannot be discussed scientifically, only hypothetically.  It is amazing how convincing a hypothetical and untested theory can sound.  Since then I have seen many convincing arguments fall before a single test in the real world.

The implications of this were vast.  The theory of evolution is put forward as a scientifically proven fact.  The reality is that it is an untested hypothesis and so merely speculation.  By definition, without repeatable experimentation, it can never rise above this.  So why would scientists, who readily acknowledge the importance of scientific method through repeatable experiments, try to defend it as fact.  I am left with the conclusion that it has nothing to do with science, but rather it is a religiously held belief,   held with all the fervour of other religious beliefs.  Evolution, from my perspective, is nothing less than the creation story of the humanist religion.  By attaching it to science its proponents ultimately weaken science.

In the same way, those who would try to prove scientifically how God created the world run into the same stumbling block.  Hypotheses can be advanced, but they can never move beyond hypothesis to proof, for it is impossible to run a repeatable experiment on the what has already happened.  Whether I agree with their conclusions or not is irrelevant.  Time and again I have found that when I speak dogmatically about something that goes beyond what comes from the Scriptures, then the Lord will in time expose what I have said and show me to be false.

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