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These pages are designed to aid study or investigation for Christian discipleship through individual Bible study, Cell groups, Home groups, or meeting one to one.  The questions could be used alone allowing each person to use their own Bible.


People generally believe that science disproves Christianity.  I would suggest science, when it is a genuine search for knowledge, points more to the possibility of a creator God than to the absence of one.

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Truth is lost

Science and Religion have become a battle ground.  The battle ground has been over the question of origins; it centres on two specific areas.  The questions of Evolution vs Creation of life, and of what Physicists call The Singularity, or more commonly, the Big Bang vs God creating the universe in 7 days.  

Where people argue there are two casualties - Truth and Humility.  People’s beliefs on both sides of this conflict are so insecure that true science is lost.  The true conflict is not between science and Christianity,but between Christians and Secular Humanists. Secular Humanists have their own belief system, and a strong agenda to defend it. Evolution is fundamentally the creation story of secular humanism.

Science is about knowledge, and knowledge gained through scientific method which involves repeatable experiments held up to public review and criticism.  Since these issues have become a battle ground, there are many on all sides who are looking to prove their viewpoint.  When people do this they turn a blind eye to evidence that does not support their theory.  There is a dishonesty in not acknowledging that certain theories cannot be tested through  repeatable experiments.  

The Big Bang

The Singularity or Big Bang is the theory that the universe began at a defined point in time billions of years ago.  It began from energy or matter that condensed into matter of greater and greater size. In the beginning it is proposed that all of the universe was smaller than the size of an atom. From this minuscule beginning the universe spread out till now it is light years across.

One of the key requirements of any scientific theory is that of “Cause and Effect”.  For every cause there must be some measurable effect, and for every effect there must have been some cause.  To illustrate this: If a light turns on, one could ask the question what caused the light to turn on.  The immediate answer is that electricity went through the light bulb.  One could then define brightness and heat in terms of voltage, current and resistance.  One is however left with the question of why the electricity is running through the bulb.  It could be that someone turned on the light switch, or it could be because of some automatic switch system.  Whichever, you end up with a cause.

The issue with a Singularity is that there is an effect that has no cause within the Universe.  The very nature of the Time Space continuum is that it cannot contain the cause.  The cause must exist outside of time space.  Many hate the idea of a creator, but this is what is pointed to.

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The Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution is often presented as a problem for Christians. It has however such problems as to make it questionable that it be considered scientific.

Lord Nufield suggested that you have advanced to science when you can express your theory in numbers. The theory of evolution dramatically fails this test.

The probability of life initiating through combining random chemical building blocks - amino acids is less than the probability of picking one black grain of sand from a pile of white sand big enough to fill all the stars in the universe with one pick. The numbers for this calculation are presented Probability of Life..

The initiation of life, essential to kick start the theory of evolution is so unlikely it makes the whole theory untenable. It is certainly not science.

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A Personal Perspective

As an engineering student, and later as an engineer, I had my own personal struggles with this issue.  My thinking was not set out in one easy decision from the beginning but has developed as time has gone on, and as I have encountered fresh evidence pointing to new directions.

Here is the progression of my thinking on Evolution / Creation.

   -  The issue rises.

   -  A realisation about Scripture.

   - A realisation about science.

  -  A realisation about 7 days.