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These pages are designed to aid study or investigation for Christian discipleship through individual Bible study, Cell groups, Home groups, or meeting one to one.  The questions could be used alone allowing each person to use their own Bible.

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If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17

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What are the top ten things a Christian needs to know and do?

Here are 10 things every believer in Christ should know and be growing in. They are are a good place to start if you are a new Christian or young believer. Through these we will bear fruit for God so that our life means something, not just now, but for eternity! Through these we will gain a focus on God that will take us past the temptations of life that distract us. Through these we gain a foundation in life that will hold us secure when life tries to shake us.

This list of the top ten things any young Christian should know and do are not set out in any particular order of importance.

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  1. The love of God for us - Knowing God’s love gives security to grow.
  2. Meet with God - Develop a relationship with the God who loves you.
  3. Discover who God is - Read and study the Bible to know Him more.
  4. You have been saved by faith - Faith is the start, it is also the means of growth.
  5. Assurance of being saved - If we are sure, we will take risks and grow.
  6. God’s forgiveness - When we fail, we need to know God forgives us.
  7. Support of God’s people - Church helps us develop and be encouraged.
  8. Show God’s love - As we love others, we are showing them the love of God.
  9. Live God’s way - When we take on God’s character, we show others what He is like.
  10. Live by the Spirit - Our life becomes a dance to God’s glory.

The Love of God for us

As we understand His love for us, we learn to live for Him and to live all our lives passionately aimed at Him.

  A broader perspective on God’s Love

How to meet with God and develop a relationship with Him

God is the source of life, if we are to live His life, then He needs to be alive and working in us. The principle means of this is through the spiritual feeding that comes by spending time reading the Bible and praying.

  A broader perspective on How do I meet God?

Discover God through the Bible

We become more focused on God as we take the time to read His book, the Bible, learning about Him and His story through His people. This is worked out through a consistent practice of Bible reading and Bible study.

A broader perspective on Get into the Bible.

How we are saved through faith

Through understanding that we are saved by God, through the sacrifice of Jesus, and that we receive this salvation as a gift of God’s grace, we learn to live in dependence on this gift of His. This leads to a freedom in our lives to express His love to others.

   A broader perspective on Accepted by God?

Assurance God has saved us

As we grow secure in the fact that God has us in His hands, so we can take risks with Him to show His love to others. This assurance is not based on whether we have jumped through the right hoops, it is based on God’s promise and His faithfulness.

  A broader perspective on Assurance of salvation

God’s forgiveness

It is not long after becoming a Christian that we become aware of our own failure, and that despite God having saved us, we continue to fail. We need the assurance that God forgives us in order to press on with Him.

  A broader perspective on Find Forgiveness

Support of God’s people through church

Few can make it through life by themselves.  Those who try tend to have a shrivelled outlook on God and life.  To broaden this perspective we need the support of other followers of Jesus.  We find these people in the Church.

   A broader perspective on the family of God’s people.

Show God’s love to others

As God has shown amazing and generous love to us, so He desires that we show that same amazing love to others. We can be hesitant to do this because we know we don’t have the resources to show such love, however through prayer and faith God will give all that is needed to do His will, His way.

   A broader perspective on Love

Live God’s way displaying His character

God is good, He is loving, He is also holy. As we get to know Him more, we realise that we can only please Him when we become like Him and uphold His standards.

   Greater detail on a godly lifestyle

Live by God’s Spirit

Living with God is not living by a set of rules, but living by His Spirit. He leads us as we feed on Him, love Him and choose His ways.

  A broader perspective on Live by the Spirit

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