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The theory that life began through an evolutionary process is often presented as a problem for Christians. The theory itself however has sufficient problems as to make it questionable that it can even be considered scientific.

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What is the theory?

The theory of evolution in a most general sense is that all life has come into existence and developed into higher life forms through random events. There are two stages in which these random events have occurred.  The first for the creation of life itself. The second for the development of life to higher forms. What is in question here is the first part, the initiation of life itself.

What is the Scientists’ problem?

There are many problems with the theory of evolution. I consider these in two parts.

The greatest problem is with the creation of life in the first place.

On a more philosophical line, it is well understood that evolutionary process do occur in the natural world, and have even been simulated through selective breading of certain species. There are however some issues that leave even this later stage in question.

The probability of life.

Lord Nufield suggested that you have advanced to science when you can express your theory in numbers. The theory of evolution dramatically fails this test.

The probability of life initiating through combining random chemical building blocks - amino acids is less than the probability of picking out one back grain of sand from a pile of sand big enough to fill all the stars in the universe, with one pick. The numbers for this calculation are presented Probability of life..

The initiation of life, essential to kick start the theory of life beginning through evolution is so unlikely it makes the whole theory untenable. It is certainly not science.

Lack of experimental evidence.

The difference between science and philosophy is that science has taken theory and tested it with repeatable experiments. The Black Hole is an example. Some decades back theoretical physicists proposed the idea of a Black Hole, The astronomers response was, ‘We have not seen one.’ At the time it seemed impossible to test since it gives off no radiation. Scientists however are cleaver and within a decade or so they came up with experiments that demonstrated the existence of Black Holes.

In evolution there is a very embarrassing lack of experimental evidence for the development of higher beings.  Beyond the mutations of fruit flies and finches there is very little evidence of evolution. This is understandable since higher level animals have safety systems to stop mutations.

Scientists respond by invoking the millions of years catch all.  If there has been no significant evolution in humans over the last thousand years, why would one expect any measurable change in 1000 thousand years?

The Values of Evolution

The value that is aspired to most in human relations is love. The value through which the theory of evolution proposes that we have come to this value is selfishness.

What is the Christians’ problem?

Many Christians have endeavoured to connect the geological and fossil evidence with the creation stories of Genesis 1 and 2.